Freelance video producer

The Ethiopian Academy of Sciences (EAS) is a nonprofit organization recognized by an Act of Parliament (Proclamation No. 783/2013) as an independent body mandated to provide, inter-alia, evidence-based policy advice to the Government and other stakeholders.  Its major activities include undertaking consensus studies, conducting convening activities such as public lectures, conferences, workshops and symposia on issues of national priority; as well as promoting science, technology and innovation.

EAS plans to produce a 15 – 20 minutes Amharic video on the topic of the demographic dividend. The objective of the video will be to promote evidence-based policy dialogue on population and development issues in Ethiopia. The video will also be educational to its target audience: policymakers, the media, and other stakeholders that influence policy in population and development. The video will be produced in two versions, (1) a complete video with voiceover narration and (2) a “click-through” format tailored for live presentation and without voiceover narration, in .pdf format. The format tailored for live presentation should show the video in segments/frames so that presenters can advance the presentation manually (for example using videos embedded in PowerPoint slides).

The Academy therefore invites qualified and interested individuals to apply to participate in this project as a producer.

Main responsibilities

Under the direction of EAS, the Producer will be responsible for.  



  • Read and internalize video script and other supporting documents that will be provided by EAS with a view to coming up with creative ways of conveying video messages.
  • Work with EAS to make necessary revisions on the video script and storyboard.


  • Work with EAS to identify and amass stock footages and images, figures, charts and graphics as per storyboard.
  • Scout filming locations, shoot original video footages including interview sessions as the storyboard dictates; (travel to selected field sites will be required).
  • Obtain and transport, set up, and operate various production equipment including cameras, audio and video recorders, lighting equipment, props, and microphones for location and studio production.
  • Closely work with graphic designer to ensure that all the necessary still and motion graphics for the video are executed as envisioned in script and storyboard.
  • Work with EAS to produce voice narration, soundtrack and other sound effects needed for the video.


  • Weave contents together - input and smoothly synchronize footages, images, narration, music, graphics and effects as envisioned in storyboard.
  • Fine-tune the video to ensure smooth synchronization, transition, logical sequencing and overall smooth running.
  • Edit first cut of video as per the comments that will be provided by EAS.
  • Submit final video in raw.

Deliverables and timeframe

  • Submission of first cut video – 01 April 2019
  • Final video with narration – 30 April 2019
  • Final video (click-through style) without narration – 15 May 2019


Applicants should have

  • Strong technical knowledge of film production process, thorough understanding of lighting techniques, light color, shade and manipulation.
  • Experience in TV/film or other role operating and producing video contents, and editing.
  • Ability to configure, operate and maintain studio and/or field audio, lighting and associated production equipment.
  • Advanced knowledge of professional audio and/or video editing and post-production procedures, techniques, and standards.
  • Strong interpersonal skills - ability to collaborate and work in teams.


EAS invites qualified and interested individuals to submit their expressions of interests along with:

  • A portfolio which includes link to a minimum of one video that conveys applicant’s cinematography and editing skills.


Applications should be sent to with a copy to no later than 04 March 2019. Please note that financial proposals are not required at this stage of the application process.