Vision & Objectives

The Ethiopian Academy of Sciences is an autonomous, non-profit, non-governmental organization established in March 2010 by a group of prominent scholars who wish to promote the Sciences to flourish and bring about development, prosperity and improved health services for the people(s) of Ethiopia. The Academy aims to advance the development of all the sciences, including the natural sciences, mathematics, the health sciences, agricultural sciences, engineering, social sciences and humanities, fine arts and letters. It plans to do this by organizing conferences and workshops on significant national issues, awarding prizes in recognition of excellence and publishing reports in its own journal as well as other periodicals and books. 

The Academy is committed to assist in the national development agenda and to advance the natural and cultural heritages of the nation. As an important partner to the government, it involves relevant government institutions, ministries, universities and other organizations in its effort to achieve its goals. 


Our vision is to realize the development of scientific culture and scholarship in Ethiopia and the improvement of the quality of life of its people. 


Our mission is to foster scientific culture and innovation and advance the knowledge of the sciences, including indigenous knowledge. 

Core Values 

  • Tolerance, respect for diversity and equality 
  • High ethical standards and impartiality 
  • Merit-based decisions and recommendations 
  • Intellectual integrity and originality 
  • Institutional independence 


  • To promote the advancement of basic and applied sciences and to enhance innovative technologies; 
  • To promote, support and recognize excellence in scientific research achieved by Ethiopian scientists; 
  • To promote contact among Ethiopian scientists, and between them and the world scientific community; 
  • To strengthen the global position and role of scientific research by Ethiopian scientists; 
  • To advise the Government of Ethiopia on issues pertaining to the quality and relevance of the sciences, in particular on issues related to science education in Ethiopia; 
  • To encourage that scientific research in Ethiopia is conducted in areas or on questions of special importance to the nation and its economy; 
  • To organize public fora and other appropriate programs for the dissemination of major findings in the sciences; and 
  • To enable women and other underprivileged and marginalized groups to participate in and benefit from scientific works and discoveries. 


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