The Academy's membership consists of 49 Founding Fellows among whom are, 29 professors; 4 associate professors and 11 PhD holders.

There are four categories of Fellowsship: Founding Fellows, Fellows, Associate Fellows, and Honorary Fellows.

Founding Fellows are citizens of Ethiopia selected on the basis of a set of selection criteria which includes recognition of academic achievements, international stature and contributions at national and international levels, including publications. In addition, contributions to the growth of knowledge in Ethiopia have been assessed.

Fellows are citizens of Ethiopia who are selected from among active scientists who have made outstanding contributions in their respective fields.

Associate fellows are non-Ethiopian citizens who are selected from among scientist who have made significant contributions to the sciences in Ethiopia.

Honorary fellows are selected by the General Assembly from among persons who have made outstanding contributions to the broad objectives of the Academy.

All members serve the Academy on voluntary basis in working groups, in publication and award committees where they contribute to the goals of the Academy.


Scientists are selected as Fellows of the Academy after nomination by two Fellows. Founding Fellows and Fellows are selected from among Ethiopian scientists resident in Ethiopia. Associate and Honorary Fellows are selected on the basis of the same criteria as that of the two, and have the same rights and obligations, except the right to vote in the General Assembly or to be elected as Officers of the Academy.

Members are elected on annual basis. A candidate must be nominated by a Founding Fellow, Associate Fellow or Member who must sign a Nomination Form.

The names of elected candidates are presented to the Annual General Assembly in April each year and are read out for approval or voting. The AGM's decision is final. Selected members who have accepted the honor are introduced to the Assembly at the next General Assembly.


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