General Assembly (Fellows and Members)

The Executive Board

Next to the General Assembly is the EAS Executive Board. The Board elects the four Executive Officers of the Academy, namely the President, the two Vice-Presidents and the Treasurer, and the ordinary members of the board all elected from among the Fellows of the Academy. The Executive Director, who is the highest administrative officer of the Academy, is an ex-officio non-voting member of the Board and serves as its Secretary.

The Executive Board makes decisions on all matters affecting the Academy including management and coordination of activities, formulation of bylaws, convening the sessions of the General Assembly and preparing annual activities and financial reports. It also appoints standing and ad-hoc committees when the need arises. The Board meets on a quarterly basis.

The incumbent President of the Board is Prof. Tsige Gebre-Mariam, elected in 2016. He is a Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology at Addis Ababa University. He served as Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research. Prof. Tsige held various positions including Dean of Pharmacy. Prof. Tsige is recipient of Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Services and Contribution to Research from AAU. He also received Certificate for Recognition and Gold Medal from the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Association.

As President, the responsibilities of Prof. Tsige include representing the Academy at all levels, presiding over all meetings of the Board and all sessions of the General Assembly.

He receives support from the two Vice-Presidents, and the treasurer who looks after the accounts.


                                                                        Board members

Tsige Gebre-  Mariam Professor

Principal V/President
Zenebework Tadesse

Vice President Sileshi Lulseged


Abebe Getahun

Abebe Dinku


Daniel Kitaw 



Shibru Tedla 

Member Solomon Bekure


 H.E. Kassu  Yilala     PhD


Amha Kebede


Non-voting Member and Secretary 
Masresha Fetene



The EAS Secretariat

The EAS Secretariat is responsible for the management of the operations of the Academy and the administration of its office, which is administered by the Executive Director.

Other functions of the secretariat

In addition, the secretariat maintains working relations with all organizations that pursue objectives similar to those of the Academy.





Our Address

EAS Secretariat 
Around Gulele branch of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
The old historic building of the late Blaten Geta Hiruy Wolde Selassie
Tel: (+251) 11 2595745/50
Email: or
PO Box 32228 
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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